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  The Quiz:

For a score of at least 70% (seven out of ten) you will be issued one hour of CE credit through the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA). There is a $20.00 processing fee for AzDA members and $40 for Non-AzDA members for each test submitted. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Arizona Dental Foundation for its charitable dental events. All tests will be handled confidentially. AzDA is a Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) provider conducted under the auspices of the American Dental Association.
1 - Which of the following products are the most efficacious agents for reducing the number of bacteria on the hands of healthcare personnel?
   Antiseptic soaps
   Non-antimicrobial soaps
   Alcohol-based hand rubs
   None of the above
2 - Which United States government agency regulates hand hygiene products for healthcare workers?
3 - Correctly complete the following sentence: When using alcohol-based hand rubs,
   It is important to remember to wash your hands with soap and water after every 5th use.
   It is not necessary to wash hands with soap and water between use.
   Be aware of possible allergic reactions.
   Be aware that it is not the most efficacious hand hygiene product to use.
4 - OSHA must approve hand hygiene products before you can use them in the dental office.
5 - When using soap and water to wash your hands, how long do you rub your hands together?
   10 seconds
   15 seconds
   30 seconds
   1 minute
6 - When using alcohol-based hand rubs to clean your hands, how long should you rub your hands together?
   Until hands are dry
   30 seconds
   15 seconds
   10 seconds
7 - The advantages of using a surgical alcohol-based hand scrub are:
   Shorter prep time
   Less trauma
   Elimination of the use of a scrub brush
   All of the above
8 - It is not necessary to involve your staff in the decision-making process of selecting an alcohol-based hand rubs for use, and no training is needed.
9 - A reason to use alcohol-based hand rubs is:
   The rubs kill more effectively and more quickly than handwashing with soap and water.
   The rubs are less damaging to skin than soap and water, resulting in less dryness and irritation.
   Less time is required for their use.
   All of the above.
10 - When planning for a dental operatory,
   Less sinks will be necessary for hand hygiene purposes.
   More sinks will be necessary for hand hygiene purposes.
   Alcohol-based hand rubs should be placed in accessible areas for staff use.
   a. and c. only