Crisis Coping: Reducing Your Stress and Staying Sane:

Stress is difficult to manage on the regular if you don't have a plan or routine. Now throw in a crisis where things are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA)! These times call for specific steps to address the VUCA in your life and have a predictable method for implementing strategic plans.

Through her unique and humorous way of discussing deep topics, Jen Butler will show you exactly what to do in a crisis and how to navigate the emotional strife it often causes. At the end of this presentation, you'll rethink the way you approach crisis management and want to Get SMaRT with Jen more often.

1. Understand the difference between basic stress management and crisis coping.
2. Learn how the body biologically responds to a crisis.
3. Acquire the 6 steps to cope with a crisis in any environment.

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Jen Butler

Jen Butler, MEd

Jen Butler, MEd, is an author, international speaker, and leader in SMaRT, Stress Management and Resilience Training. As a Board Certified Coach and Diplomate with The American Institute of Stress, Jen travels globally to provide business leaders, practice owners, and executives with one-on-one, onsite guidance in managing stress, turning around their business, and achieving real, long-lasting results. JB Partners offers team training, on-line programming, live webinars, and more to support all human capital in a culture dedicated to the physical and mental health of all workers. For more information visit