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WRDE: Defuse Angry Patients Before They’re a Problem

Lorraine Sivak
1.5 CEUs
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Course Description:

It can quickly spin out of control. If handled in correctly an angry patient (or other visitor) at your front desk can not only be dangerous to your staff but also to other patients. You certainly can&39;t please everyone, but how you handle someone that is angry can make a significant difference in the outcome.
At a minimum, the patient may cause a scene in your waiting room in from of other patients. This is obviously not the atmosphere you want to convey. In extreme circumstances, angry patients and visitors have pulled out guns holding staff hostage, or actually shooting people. Possibly these devastating situations could have been avoided in the staff at the front desk had known how to handle them correctly.
Knowing exactly how to control an angry patient at your front desk is essential to the safety of your staff, your patients, and the success of your practice. The good news is that there are proven strategies you can use to de-escalate an angry or hostile patient that can quickly turn things around, and practice management expert, Lorraine J. Sivak, CPC, can show you how. During a 120-minute training session, Lorraine will walk you through EXACTLY how to defuse an angry patient quickly and easily.

Here is just some of the practical, actionable angry patient de-escalation advice you&39;ll receive by attending this upcoming, 120-minute training session.
• Quickly identify and defuse warning signs that a patient is about to lose their temper
• How to get a patient to hear you when their anger takes over
• Key phrases to use that will calm even the angriest patient
• How to make the customer feel heard even when they are wrong
• Utilize your voice tone and volume to soothe patient frustrations
• Determine what is really driving your patient&39;s anger to help resolve it
• And so much more...

Learning Objectives:
• Who is our Front Desk?
• The Challenges we face at the Front Desk
• Anger is not always Anger
• Identify: the warning signs and triggers
• Prepare: Take control, Communication, Key Phrases, "Feeling Heard", Prepare Emotionally, Practice body language/voice tone, occasionally use humor.
• Proactively conquer the challenges - Diffuse the patient
• PERFORM: Examples - Practical tools to use every day - ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT
• Q & A

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