Infection Prevention/OSHA Toolkit Available For Office Reference


2024 IP/OSHA Toolkit:
Purchase the updated toolkit, a comprehensive Infection Prevention and OSHA Toolkit for Dental Professionals and trainers, compiled and authored by Kay Carl, RN, BS, Infection Preventionist.

Timeline for OSHA Law and CDC Recommendations for Dental Facilities:
1992: OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
1992: OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 
2000: OSHA Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act 
2002: CDC Hand Hygiene Guideline
2003: CDC updated Dental Guidelines
2005: CDC Tuberculosis Guidelines updated to include Dental facilities; OSHA follows.
2016: CDC recommendations on how to follow 2003 Dental Guidelines 
2020: OSHA added healthcare to its enforcement of Respiratory Protection; CDC advises.

This toolkit covers bloodborne pathogens, respiratory diseases, and hazardous material plans to protect staff, and patients and increase your risk management plan.  The toolkit includes a large amount of reference material but centers on making your own plans work.  OSHA law and CDC guidelines required by the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners are woven into the plans for compliance.  

This toolkit is the most complete offering in this series since AzDA started offering OSHA workshops, from manuals to CDs to flash drives, and now directly online.     
Documents and forms you need for Infection Prevention and OSHA at your facility are provided with simple instructions for use.  Keep your office entirely paperless or print out what you choose for reference and use.

Each toolkit includes:
  • Completed OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Plan and training (just insert your name and follow it)
  • Now required Respiratory Protection Program by OSHA and CDC
  • Comprehensive OSHA Hazard Communication Program Harmonizing System Plan
  • Cleaning, tuberculosis, fire, and medical emergency plans
  • Required OSHA laws and updated CDC guidelines with checklists
  • Forms for OSHA training documentation and employee health immunizations
  • Step-by-step clinical procedures including sterilizer monitoring and operatory setups
  • Forms for documenting sterilization records and sterilizer maintenance
  • Folder for paperless documentation and safety data sheets (SDSs)
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