AzDA's CE tracking system is an exclusive benefit for member dentist and dental team members.

If you're a member, say "goodbye" to forgetting to get CE codes, losing scraps of paper with CE codes written on them, and trying to keep track of which courses you've taken.

With AzDA's CE tracking system, you can quickly and easily keep track of all your CEs—from ANY provider. Best of all, this custom app (developed specifically for AzDA members) pre-populates CEs that you've taken from AzDA, or a component society (CADS, NADS, or SADS), so those CEs are even easier to log and track.

If/when you ever need them, you can easily print out CE reports, and if you ever have questions, AzDA's team is ready to support you.

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If you're not an AzDA member dentist or dental team member, join or renew today and take advantage of this free CE tracking system.